We need to make healthcare more readily accessible.  Mental health is a major issue considering our pandemic.  This affects students who are not doing extracurricular activities and those not interacting with their peers. Additionally, teachers are overworked and under-appreciated. Many within our community worry about employment and if they can pay their bills. I am hopeful that you will send me to Richmond so I can fight for you, your neighbors and all Virginians. Without affordable healthcare families in district 81 and the Commonwealth will not be able to reach there fullest potential. Together we can………fight for what is in our best interest. 

Gun violence has become a public health crisis in our country. Every single day, lives are needlessly taken by criminals who should not have access to firearms as well as many lives are lost to suicide by firearm. For the record I do support the 2nd Amendment.  However, we can have common sense gun laws that can protect life while at the same time address needless gun violence.   Together we can……… expand background checks, limit modifications that have noting to do with hunting or personal protection.  Make it so that individuals such as domestic abusers and violent criminals aren’t able to have access to deadly weapons.   We need to take action and together we can.



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