In order for each student to achieve their full potential we need to increase resources for public schools in an equitable way!  Let us be smarter with our expenditures. Together we can!

My wife currently teaches at a local public elementary school, my mother and sister are both retired public school teachers. I know that paying educators a fair wage makes it easier to keep and recruit the best teachers for the benefit of our community for the future. Teacher compensation is so important because we expect teachers to give our children the best education possible. That’s why I will fight for a pay raise for Virginia’s teachers. We also need to increase resources for mental health issues with the staff and students.

Improve Teacher/Staff Working Conditions. We should reduce the constant changes in programming that cause additional work that is not productive for the students’ betterment. There is a nationwide teacher shortage due to the state of education in our country and city.  Surveys for working conditions in Virginia Beach indicate that teachers feel they are not respected and that student discipline problems make teachers and other students feel unsafe.  Teachers revealed that students can be aggressive and abuse teachers without any noticeable consequence.  If there is a teacher who feels threatened then the student should be removed from the classroom thus allowing a safe and effective learning environment for the other students to succeed. Use of counselors and other professionals should be utilized to give those students the attention they need.

Jeffrey will be advocating for universal Pre-Kindergarden, affordable college tuition, and fair teacher pay to recruit and retain quality educators in our region.

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